The 2018 Arsies: February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018 arse


The Arsies Quarterfinals are upon us, and we close out the week with not a small bit of controversy. See, I know that I'm supposed to give the day to APMD. I'm not saying that the fix is in; I'm just acutely aware of what others are saying about Hostage Animal, and for good reason. It's the best thing that the band have put out, in my not so humble opinion. But folks, this Ayreon is truly an Event, a true modern musical, and so singlemindedly metal, nonstop. Thinking past tomorrow, perhaps a stronger band will deliver the coup de grace to Ayreon... but it's not today, and it's not APMD.
That's one Quarterfinals berth locked up. Monday, we'll see who will rise up next. Will it be August Burns Red or Glassjaw?

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