The 2018 Arsies: January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018 arse


This is a lopsided battle if ever there was one around here. One the one hand, you have Material Control, Glassjaw's high water mark. It's a defiant challenge on all fronts, from the track sequencing to the murky mix to the exultation of the bass guitar (holy hell, that tone yo). It's the promise of truly 'post' post-metal, finally fulfilled. On the other hand, you have Decapitated's Anticult, an album that is solid and fast and fun, but also fairly safe and conventional and straightforward. Most tellingly, I'm simply more excited to listen to the Glassjaw again than I am the Decapitated. And just like that, a returning Arsies champion is defeated before the Quarterfinals by a band who technically have never been in this tournament before.
What an exciting end to our fourth week! Next up: who will make it to the Quarterfinals: Fleshkiller or Riviẽre?

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